Software Application Development

Software Application Development

(n)Code Solutions has a highly competent and experienced software development team of around 50 engineers. This software development team has developed many innovative award winning eGovernance Solutions mentioned earlier in this document.

The software development team has expert Business Analyst that help the concerned Government Department to assess their needs and propose Business Process Transformation. The software development team has expertise in developing customized websites and software packages across range of technologies such as Java, .NET, GPS, RFID, Biometric solutions and so on.

Additionally, the team also develops internal software applications, payment gateways, PKI components for eGovernance solutions & Banking & Finance, Web-sites.

(n)Code has also provided consultancy services and implemented SAP for GSFC in record time of less than 12 months.

  • Central Bureau of Narcotics (CBN)
  • CBN online is unified web portal from which, Pharma companies, Govt. Companies and Foreign travelers can online apply for the online applications for the Export Authorization License/ Import Certificate/ No Objection Certificate for Psychotropic substances, controlled substance and Narcotics drugs.

    Designated official of CBN verifies the online application auto assigned to them and forwarding further for the approval for CBN authorities. Finally Narcotics commissioner approves applications and applicant gets digitally signed Export authorization license, Import Certificate and No objection certificate for the various narcotics drugs.

    CBN online unified web portal also allows registered and eligible opium cultivators to apply online for the Opium cultivation license for the particular crop year. Application for the opium cultivation license verifies by the designated officials of CBN and finally approve by the district opium officer.

    CBN online portal also has the online facilities in web as well as mobile applications for the field verifications, entry of PWR data, entry of weighing data which is integrated with opium factory software, online payment system through PFMS, etc.

    CBN online portal is integrated with PAN API, SMTP & SMS services, Aadhar API, INCB API, etc.

  • (n)Trade - RCMC For EPC under DGFT,India
  • (n)Trade is a portal for online issuance of Registration cum Membership Certificate (RCMC) to Importers/Exporters. The major features of this application are: Online filing, Tracking, Renewal of RCMC, ESC & Online Payment Gateway Integrated, 24x7 Availability. This application is being used by around 30,000 exporters in India.

    This application has made the processing of applications faster, and also provides real time access to information.

  • (n)Track - For GPS based Vehicle Tracking
  • (n)Track is GPS based Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring application. Major features of this application are: Online vehicle movement tracking, Journey replay, Route monitoring and deviation alert, Over speeding-Idle-Stoppage alert.

  • (n)Pay - Payment Gateway
  • (n)Pay is the payment gateway for online payment solution through Cash Management, Credit/Debit Card or Net-banking

  • e-Doc - For Digitization & Online document retrieval
  • e-Doc is a cloud based solution used for digitization and online document retrieval through centralized repository. Major features of this application are: User defined folder/ sub-folder/ key-words, user right based access, key-word based searching facility, scan image check-in / check-out facility.

  • PCS - Workflow based document management system
  • Proposal Clearance System (PCS) is an online application used for online approval of any proposal / document. Major features are: Different workflow handling capability like linear, multi tiered, category & priority wise document management capability, Alerts through e-mail, facility to take external Customer Feedback, 100% data confidentiality, archive management of approved document.

    This application helps reduce paper work, speed up work flow, track the proposals, and measure productivity.