ILMS solution encompasses the entire mining lifecycle, integrating rules, automation in mineral dispatch, transportation, and tracking, fostering transparency, curbing illegal mining, and boosting state government revenue.

  • A description of the solutions
  • An ILMS is ICT based web solution architecture presents a layout with all software components such as front end presentation layer, middleware & database. The solution covers the lifecycle of mines including the business transaction, overall mining / quarry lease performance, encapsulate state/central specific minor & major mineral concession rules & regulation under the single roof of umbrella.

    The system offers the implementation of innovative ideas of integration, which enables stakeholders to bring the automation in mineral dispatch and transportation and tracking up to the end use to ensure that the mineral is used to the value addition purpose only by the industries/plant/end users only. The automation in mineral transportation cycle brings the transparency in mineral dispatch and enable the Govt. to curb illegal mining activities. Thus the overall revenue of State Govt. increased every year by bringing this automation cycle.

  • A description of the issue or challenge
  • An ILMS (Integrated Lease Management System) is ICT enabled solution to eliminate the manual processes/human intervention of state regulatory framework pertaining to State Geology and Mining Department and enabling all stakeholders in an electronic platform for complete automation of mineral dispatch and transportation.

    The challenge was to sign the manual treasury challan for payment receipt, stamping of thousands of booklets for mineral dispatch, scrutiny of manual return submitted and then reconciliation of overall dispatch against of royalty paid are the main challenge as to keep/maintain the record in paper form.

  • A description of the implementation of the selected solution
  • The comprehensive ILMS solution addresses challenges and transforms manual processes into electronic modes. It integrates features like mineral dispatch cycle, GPS-based routing, VAHAN software integration, vehicle tracking using GPS and RFID, weigh bridge integration, and other legacy system integration processes for mineral industries within a single ICT-based solution.The overall solution is implemented as:

  • e-Payment: Integrates a banking gateway for swift remittance of various fees levied by the State Govt., ensuring immediate revenue collection in accordance with regulations.
  • e-Royalty / Trip Sheet: Generates online trip sheets to authorize vehicle dispatch, following set capacities, routes, timelines, and driver information, printed on secure barcoded paper.
  • e-Return: Captures details of mineral dispatch, fees, employment, and market values in an electronic format for the state-prescribed monthly return
  • Auto Reconciliation (Demand Collection & Balance) Ledger:Utilizes an electronic ledger to automatically calculate and identify balance royalties and fees based on mineral dispatch and sales.
  • Vehicle Tracking: RFID-based vehicle tagging enables tracking at checkpoints and during journeys, triggering alerts for route violations.
  • Weighbridge Integration: Automates net mineral weight determination by interfacing with weighbridges and integrating data into the ILMS system for royalty calculation.
  • A summary of lessons learned from implementation
  • E-processes automate mineral administration and e-Governance through ICT, reducing human efforts. Lease holders are accountable for value-added mineral dispatch and sales within defined boundaries, curbing illegal mining and boosting government revenue.

  • Any results that have been achieved from implementation
  • The day to day services are improved and their service delivery period is drastically increase by implementing the system.

Type of Services Service period Before Implementation Service period After Implementation
Royalty & other fee receipt 1 day for signing treasury challan E-payment is completing the transaction in 5 minutes
Issuance of Royalty / trip sheet 1 - 3 days for stamping on each page e-Royalty / e-Trip Sheet is issued within 1 minute through system
Monthly Return submission 3 days to prepare and physical submission 10 Minutes to submit online e-Return
Reconciliation of royalty against of dispatch 1 month process Auto reconcile by system and generate the leakages of revenue

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