(n)Code have conceptualized the Integrated Lease Management System as an Regulatory framework for the State Geology and Mining department and served the services for the online real time transaction related to Mineral production, dispatch through e-Royalty / e-Tripsheet, e-payment, e-Return, mineral accounting ledger and automates the entire process as MAGIC (Mineral Administration and e-Governance using ICT) for the state of Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra.

The project has incorporate the role of all stakeholders like Govt. Administrative body, all major & minor lease holders, mineral stockiest, end users, mineral based industries, various buyers of mineral, Line department like Forest, Revenue, state pollution control board, monitoring committee, Indian bureau of Mines and many other stakeholders are playing the key role in system.

The system has eliminate the manual process and automates the process related to revenue collection through state Cyber treasury, real time generation of permits and royalty passes along with special security papers.

The system has various provision of integration with online banking integration, RTO’s Vahan software to curb the overload transportation, e-KYC with PAN card and GSTIN integration, hand held terminal, mobile application & interface, GIS layering services, Line department like Forest, Pollution control board, Indian bureau of Mines (IBM).

The ILMS integration services are extended for Railway, RTO, Port, and Industry specific legacy application to for the seamless integration and verification of transaction.

The integrated RFID and GPS enabled technology help the state Govt. to track the vehicle and ensure that vehicle reached to specific destination in a stipulate time period and complete the mineral transportation cycle.

"The project ILMS has been implemented in 3 states Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra since 2009, 2011, 2013 onwards and still sustain the project under O & M phase."

The project has won the several awards including the prestigious National e-Governance awards from Govt. of India in 2012.

    • “e-Governance in Mineral Administration in G2B (Govt. to Business) Category“ from Computer Society of India, CSI - Nihilent award 2011
    • 16th National e-Governance Award received in Year 2012 for Gujarat & Karnataka from Department of Administrative Reforms & Public grievances, New Delhi
    • e-Governance in Mineral Administration in G2B (Govt. to Business) in Public Choice Category“ from eIndia Award 2011 & 2013 for Gujarat & Karnataka
    • (n)Code Solutions, GNFC is awarded for its for its excellence in “Leveraging IT for Business Performance” by Canon India Ltd in 2013 for the development of CGM’s ILMS system
    • Monthan Award South and Asia Pacific received for “CERTIFICATION OF RECOGNITION” for introducing an e-portal for mineral administration and governance in 2013.
    • Skoch Award 2014 under category of Smart Governance in August 2014 for “Minimum Government, Maximum Governance” for Gujarat at New Delhi on 19th Sept 2014.
    • Skoch award for Integrated Lease Management System in year Nov 2021 received by Commissioner of Geology and Mining, Govt. of Gujarat.