(n)Code eSign Electronic Signature Service is an innovative initiative for allowing easy, efficient, and secure signing of electronic documents by authenticating signer using Aadhaar eKYC services. With this service, any Aadhaar holder can digitally sign an electronic document without having to obtain a physical digital signature on USB Cryptographic Token and sign digital transaction as per IT Act.

Aadhaar ID (or equivalent code issued by UIDAI) is mandatory for availing this service. The certificate issued through eSign service will have a limited validity period and is valid only for one-session time signing of requested data.

  • As per IT ACT, (n)Code processes eSign transactions in the following ways
    1. (n)Code does eKYC before processing eSign Transaction.
    2. (n)Code gets eKYC from ASP (Pre validated) and processes direct e-Sign transaction using eKYC data received from ASP as per Aadhaar Act.

eSign can be integrated with various service delivery applications to facilitate digitally signing of a document by authentication of Aadhaar holder through e-KYC data of eSign user from UIDAI. It is designed for applying Digital Signature based on authenticated responses received from e-KYC service pertaining to the eSign users demographic data available with UIDAI.

It can be effectively used in scenarios where signed documents are required to be submitted to service providers - Government, Public or Private sector. It can also be used by the agencies which stand to benefit from offering (n)Code e-Sign online electronic signature that accept large number of signed documents from users. You would also like to read the FAQs from following : ESIGNFAQ