e-Procurement Services

e-Procurement is Online bidding system wherein the physical procurement activity is carried out online using the Internet and associated technologies. eProcurement technology is based on the concepts of e-Commerce and e-Business. It also supports B2B and B2C applications. Each domain is significant to growth of e-Commerce and the eProcurement Portal can be used by individuals, corporate and governments to secure online G2B, G2C, B2B, B2C applications and other online transactions.

Government of Gujarat has appointed (n)Code Solutions as Application Services Provider (ASP) since November 2006 for the purpose of implementing e-procurement system in all the Govt. Departments, Boards, Corporations, Nigams, Societies and other projects funded by the Government. e-Procurement is Online bidding system wherein the physical tendering activity is carried out online using the Internet and associated technologies.

This system enables the user to introduce ease and efficiency without compromising the required procedures of the department and also provides transparency, results in savings of time and money, shortening of procurement cycle, ease of operation to the implementing department and to the bidders/ suppliers.

All the services related to the portal like provisioning of the software, bandwidth, the server, the manpower for enabling e-procurement for a customer, support, training etc. are all looked after by (n)Code. This model is extremely beneficial to the customers as they are protected from making expensive investments, has minimal risks, does not spend anything upfront and does not need costly resources.

    • This process helps in saving cost for both Government and suppliers.
    • The supplier can participate online from any Remote location. Which also reduces the submission cost.
    • It helps the Department in smooth-running internal process. Less transaction cycle time, it also reduces the cost between publication and communication.
    • It also helped in reducing malpractices.
    • Through this portal(s) any organization can avail e-procurement services.
  • e-Procurement System introduced for the following transactions:-
    • For purchases and procurement of goods, plants, equipment, machinery, medicines, medical and surgical suppliers and stores items, all type of store items, supplies and purchases, food and civil supplies stores items and purchases, printing and stationary items and purchase, all type of vehicles purchases, furniture an fixtures etc.
    • All type of civil construction and related works etc.
    • Outsourcing of required services etc.
    • Auctioning of old plants, equipment, machinery, buildings, vehicles, furniture and fixtures, lands, properties etc.
    • All other purchases and work orders.
  • e-Tendering
  • e-Tendering (Electronic Tendering) is “the electronic publishing, communicating, accessing, receiving and submitting of all tender related information and documentation via the internet, thereby replacing the traditional paper‐based tender processes, and achieving a more efficient and effective business process for all party involved.”

    • (n)Code provides e-Procurement services through its New portal https://tender.nprocure.com which fulfills the requirements of e-tendering (earlier it was provided through it's old portal - www.nprocure.com).
    • The portal is enabled with end to end eProcurement application which handles all the activities from the notice inviting tender to the publishing of the complete tender in the electronic form to corrigendum, tender filing, encryption of sensitive data for security, and digital signing of online tenders and access to data, to multistage evaluation and final conclusions.
    • The portal hosts, publishes and executes thousands of tenders for all departments of Govt. of Gujarat.
    • Using this e-Tendering platforms (Old & New), various Govt. Departments have processed more than 6,00,000 tenders successfully.
  • e-Auctions
  • A Buyer/Seller uses an electronic system to seek and receive electronic bids from multiple sellers/buyers with the objective of receiving the Lowest or Highest price. An Internet based Auction is a way of buying or selling items/services such that one buyer / seller interacts with a number of sellers / buyers at the same time on a common platform over the Internet. The idea is to create a marketplace for the item being auctioned.

    • (n)Code provides e-Auction services through its portal https://e-auction.nprocure.com.
    • A web based and PKI/OTP supported solution enables organizations to implement the entire auctioning lifecycle.
    • The e-Auction portal has various features that support different types of auctions i.e. Forward/Reverse e-Auction, Quantity e-Auction, Price e-Auction, e-auctions where multiple items can be disposed with multiple bidders bidding simultaneously.
    • The Auctioneer have various option like Item description, increment / Decrement factor, Opening Price, Time of Auction, Extension of Auction, No. of extension per Auction, document upload & online EMD while creating any new auction.
    • The Auctioneer can view each and every transaction / bids, and Bid History along with Bid Details i.e. Submitted Rate, Bid submission date & time, IP address etc.
    • Send E-mail alerts to the Auctioneers & Bidders for important events.
    • We have customized other e-Auction Portals to cater the specific requirements of few GOG Departments which are as under:
    • Department Website
      For Comm. of Geology & Mining https://cgm-eauction.nprocure.com
      For Gujarat Forest https://forestauction.nprocure.com
      For Gujarat State Civil Supplies Cor https://gscsc-eauction.nprocure.com
    • Using this e-Auctions platform(s), various Govt. Departments have processed more than 15,000 e-Auctions successfully.
    • Benefits to Client / Sector
    • Electronic tendering has grown significantly in the international community. Government Sector and private organizations throughout the world have improved the efficiency and transparency of their procurement processes through the use of electronic tendering.

    • Technical Advantages
      • Offers multiple procurement services through Single Portal
      • Encryption ensures integrity of the bid as it converts the data in unreadable format.
      • Enhanced transparency implemented using an electronic procurement engine, resulting into establishing trust and integrity to the procurement process
      • Exchange and Share Data across the World
      • Works beyond geographical boundaries and time-zone barriers
    • Commercial Advantages (To Government / Buyers)
      • Due to its large geographical reach, increases participation of new vendors / suppliers creating a competitive advantage on procurement.
      • Lower vendor development cost as various departments will have new suppliers registered on the web application.
      • Reduces the process cycle time of procurement.
      • Paperless process helps to reduce stationary cost and office administration cost.
      • Online payment gateway facility helps to do the entire process smoothly.
      • Transaction happens in a transparent manner using eProcurement reduces chances of favoritisms, part contract distribution, corruption, misrepresentation etc.
    • To Suppliers / Contractors
      • 24 x 7 accessibility enables the vendors to participate in the e-tender/e-Auction anytime and from anywhere.
      • Increased reach as the supplier has access to all the procurement requests of all the departments on the eProcurement. This leads to reduction in sales and promotion costs for the supplier.
      • Information of all the tenders/auctions are available at one place to the suppliers.
      • eProcurement system allows the supplier/contractor to modify his bid even after the bid is submitted online. However, the bid modification facility is available to the supplier/contractor only till the tender bid submission closing time specified by the department.
    • e-Procurement Awards
      • National Award for e-Governance 2014-15 as Incremental Innovations in Existing Project.
      • CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Awards 2011-12 as appreciate sustenance of the e-Procurement Project.
      • National Award for e-Governance 2008-09 as ‘Exemplary Horizontal Transfer of ICT- Based Best Practice’ (Bronze medal) in January 2009
      • Government Technology Award for ‘Connected Government Best Practice’ in October 2007