Implementation of Integrated ITMS & AFC Systems in BRTS and City Bus Services.

  • Revolutionizing urban transit with an integrated ITMS and AFCS for BRTS and City Bus Services, elevating operational efficiency and passenger experience.

  • Project Overview:
  • A project to implement an integrated Intelligent Transit Management System (ITMS) and Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) for its Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) and City Bus Services. The primary goal was to enhance operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, reliability, and overall service quality.

  • Issue and Challenge:
  • The existing public transportation systems faced challenges related to operational coordination, information dissemination, fare collection, and overall service quality. There was a need for a comprehensive solution to address these issues and provide a seamless travel experience for passengers.

  • Solutions
  • The project aimed to address these challenges by implementing an integrated ITMS and AFCS. The solutions included:

    1. Installation of GPS modules on BRT buses for real-time tracking.
    2. Passenger Information Display Units (PIS) at bus stops.
    3. CCTV cameras for enhanced security and surveillance.
    4. Point of Sale (POS) machines for off-board ticketing.
    5. Turnstiles with validators for access control and fare collection.
    6. Automatic Fare Collection System with smart card validators.
    7. Centralized software components to manage operations.
    8. Entry/Exit Smart Card system for seamless access.
    9. Electronic Ticketing Machines (ETM) for buses.
    10. Automatic Vehicle Locating System for efficient fleet management.
    11. Central Control Center (CCC) for monitoring and management.
  • Implementation:
  • The project involved the design, development, supply, integration, and implementation of the ITMS and AFCS components across the BRTS and City Bus Services. Intermediate GPS modules were fitted on buses, PIS display units and CCTV cameras were deployed, turnstiles and validators were installed at stations, and POS machines were set up for ticketing. Smart card-based validators and ETMs were introduced for both BRTS and City Bus Services. To monitor and manage the entire system, a Central Control Center was established.

  • Lessons Learned:
    1. Plan and engage stakeholders for successful implementation.
    2. Train staff and passengers for smooth adoption.
    3. Address technical challenges during integration.
    4. Maintain and monitor the system for sustained performance.
    5. Incorporate user feedback for ongoing improvements.
  • Results and Benefits:
    1. Real-time information for better passenger experience.
    2. Increased transit use with improved access.
    3. Data-driven decisions for better service.
    4. Economic gains via electronic fare collection.
    5. Improved incident response and management.
    6. Optimized fleet for higher availability.
    7. Enhanced staff-management communication.
  • Next Steps:
    1. Continuous system monitoring and maintenance for sustained performance.
    2. Integration of emerging technologies for further enhancements.
    3. Collaboration with stakeholders for ongoing improvements.
    4. Expansion of the ITMS and AFCS to cover more routes and services.
  • Conclusion:
  • In conclusion, the implementation of the integrated ITMS and AFCS has significantly improved the operational efficiency and quality of public transportation services. The project's success demonstrates the positive impact of technology integration on urban mobility and passenger satisfaction.

  • Awards:

The ITMS (Intelligent Transit Management System) Project has received following awards:

    1. Transport and Mobility Award in 2018.
    2. Urban Mobility India Award in 2018.
    3. Smart City Digital Payment Awards in 2018.
    4. Digital City Award in 2019.
    5. Urban Mobility Award (ITMS_AFCS) in 2019.
    6. Government Best Digital Initiative of the Year (Technology) for Initiative Common Card Payment System (CCPS) at Annual Smart Cities Awards in 2019
    7. Award of Excellence on 14the Urban Mobility India Conference in 2021.
    8. Award of Excellence in the category of City with the Most Sustainable Transport System at Urban Mobility India Conference & Expo 2022.
    9. Award of Most Eco-Friendly BRTS in the category of Transits & Mobility at Urban Infra Business Summit & Award in 2002 and 2022.

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